Case Studies

See how our customers are benefiting from RelPro and RelPro Data Services.

Leveraging SBA 7(a) Loan Data

The Small Business Administration’s 7(a) program allows financial institutions to provide capital to businesses that may lack the collateral or cash flow typically required to meet a bank’s standard underwriting policies. With RelPro’s SBA 7(a) loan data, bankers can quickly identify and qualify prospects with loans that fit their specific business development strategy.

Industry: Business Banking, Commercial Banking
Position: Loan Officers, Business Development, Relationship Management
Technology: RelPro Filings / Loans Data
Using Form 5500 Data to Efficiently Source Growth Opportunities

Finding the right information efficiently and in context can make all the difference when it comes to growing your business. Now that the RelPro platform has integrated Form 5500 data sourced from the United States Department of Labor (DOL), business development professionals in Financial Services now have valuable additional insights to help them efficiently find and qualify prospects and deepen relationships with existing clients.

Industry: Commercial Banking, Insurance, Wealth Management
Position: Financial Advisor, Business Development, Relationship Management
Technology: RelPro and Data Services
RelPro's SMB Coverage, Quality & Workflow Innovations Save Commercial Bankers Countless Hours in Business Development & Relationship Management

Business Development and Relationship Managers at commercial banks are tasked with the almost impossible: keeping up with extensive lists of potential prospect companies and executives across a wide array of industries. Adding to the challenge of establishing and building relationships with small-to-medium-sized businesses is the fact that these companies are hard to find, the landscape is constantly changing (new companies are meeting the targeted revenue criteria all the time), and their executives can be even harder to find. Executive job moves are not as well publicized at SMBs as they are at larger companies, and people tend to move around more often.

Industry: Commercial Banking
Position: Business Development, Relationship Management and Prospect Research Teams
Technology: RelPro
RelPro’s Relationship Intelligence Enables Wealth Managers To Simultaneously Develop Current Client Relationships While Identifying and Developing New Prospects

If there’s one thing wealth management professionals understand, it’s that personal connections are key to generating new business. No matter the seniority, or the type of client, trust is essential. Advisors work with clients across a variety of industries and specialties, which makes staying informed all the more difficult.

Industry: Wealth Management
Position: Financial Advisors, Relationship Managers, Business Development and Prospect Research teams
Technology: RelPro
RelPro’s multi-sourced database from 20+ leading data providers give Community Bankers the resources to compete with the National Banks & save time, all in one place.

Business Development professionals at Community Banks have an incredibly difficult task: growing their books of business while competing with larger institutions that have far more resources at their disposal. Additionally, the small to medium-sized business market presents unique challenges in uncovering new opportunities and identifying financial decision-makers within those companies. Executive job moves are not as well publicized at SMBs as they are at larger companies, and people tend to move around more often.

Industry: Community Banking
Position: Business Development and Relationship Managers
Technology: RelPro
Connecting to the C-Suite to Elevate Strategic Dialog & Support Monthly Product Launches

The data in our client’s CRM didn’t have information on these new customers contacts – in the C-Suite or in specialized roles. Without the capability or capacity to take this on internally, our client outsourced this project to RelPro for accelerated access to the relationship intelligence they needed.

Industry: Global Fintech Leader
Position: Chief Revenue Officer, CMO, Head of Sales, Marketing & Sales Operations
Technology: RelPro and Data Services
High-Quality Relationship Intelligence Powers National Mid-Market Business Development Initiative to Achieve Growth Goals

One of the world’s largest banks came to RelPro for intelligence on Commercial Banking prospects and customers for a major new business development initiative aimed at nurturing deeper relationships with high-level financial decision-makers on their list of targeted mid-market firms.

Industry: Financial Services
Position: North American Commercial Banking
Technology: RelPro and Data Services
RelPro enables board-driven imperative for firm to “Elevate the Conversation” with clients

A leading global financial services focused on global trading activity processing trillions of dollars of security transactions on a daily basis worldwide wanted to establish a strategic dialog with its 30 top strategic accounts. They knew they needed to engage a more senior level of executive and that their CRM and existing data would not enable them to do this.

Industry: Financial Services
Position: Strategic Account Management
Technology: RelPro and Data Services
Pharma Chief Client Officer reveals connections to strategic accounts

A large pharmaceutical company was looking to further penetrate their top strategic accounts by gaining intelligence on key executives and finding new connections within these companies. They had made some progress with a few contacts, but wanted to accelerate these key relationships. Their sales operations team initiated a relationship analysis and assessment to better understand their key contacts and find new ones.

Industry: Healthcare
Position: Chief Client Officer
Technology: RelPro and Data Services
Private Equity Firm Aggregates Relationship Intelligence for Maximum Visibility and Opportunity

Relationships are the foundation of private equity – our client’s COO wanted their firm to have a systematic and scalable approach to “connect the dots” and source relationship intelligence relevant to target acquisitions. The client had relationship data in multiple files and systems – and a great deal of relationship knowledge it was not sharing internally. Its origination analysts spent hours and used multiple external sources to find contacts and context, yet these were not consistently shared with each other, since they were done in a one-off fashion.

Industry: Mid-Market Private Equity
Position: Business Development
Technology: RelPro and Data Services
Technology company leverages relationship intelligence to improve ROI on Trade Shows

A mid-size enterprise software firm had challenges getting the most from its marketing budget. Their sales and relationship management teams attended multiple industry tradeshows, but had trouble quantifying their impact. They wanted to campaign to attendees before events – and better prioritize leads. In addition, the chief marketing officer wanted to model the best-performing prospects and customers to find more like them, and to make relationship intelligence accessible to sales and relationship managers.

Industry: Technology
Position: Sales Management
Technology: RelPro
Intelligence Company Gains Visibility into Customer Base

The CEO of a cyber risk solutions company wanted to improve visibility into its relationships with Fortune 500 companies – those that the firm had relationships with, and those that were not serviced by the firm. The chief marketing officer wanted to assess their go-to-market sales and marketing approach for improved new client acquisition and cross-sell opportunities, especially with C-Suite executives.

Industry: Intelligence Company
Position: Chief Executive Officer
Technology: RelPro and Data Services
CMO Outsources Lead Generation to RelPro Experts, Increasing Lead Quality & Volume, Enabling Team to Focus on Campaign & Downstream Process Improvements

With plans for rapid expansion and new funds from investors, our client hired a new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) whose first priority was to establish a firm foundation for growth through a reconfigured marketing and sales process. In particular, the CMO wanted to make the sales team proactive and focus their time on pursuing leads qualified through outbound marketing campaigns rather than wait for leads to materialize through their website or spend time hunting for them.

Industry: Rapidly-Growing B2B SaaS Business
Position: CMO & Marketing Operations
Technology: RelPro and Data Services
Account – Based Outbound Marketing Program Achieves Target with First Campaign

Our client was preparing to launch a new technology product through their first major outbound marketing campaign. They needed a sales intelligence solution that would help them build a list of of prospective customers. The team had specific roles to target and they wanted a resource that would help them identify companies with specific software components in their tech stack.

Industry: Mobile Technology Security Company
Position: Enterprise Sales & Marketing Team
Technology: RelPro Tech Search