APIs and Webhooks

Integrate RelPro’s 7 Million Companies and 150 Million Business Decision-Makers across your organization without your Business Development teams lifting a finger. Our API makes it easy to Search and Enrich data on demand and on your terms. Our Webhooks enable proactive enrichment anytime there is an update to a Person or Company you're Subscribed to for fresh, accurate data without ever having to make another API call.

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Search API

Use the Person and Company Search Endpoints to find all relevant people & companies for use cases such as building out a list of people at specific companies in specific locations. These filters can include the geographic location, (at a city, state, county or country level), company, past or current positions, revenue, number of employees, SIC/NAICS, etc.

Match API

The Person and Company Match endpoints allow you to take specific People and Company details to return a RelPro ID. The RelPro IDs can be used to retrieve new data through the Profile Endpoints or enrich current data.

If you have just the name and title of a person, use our unique Best Match Title Endpoint to find and match data on the most senior executives across our dataset of 7+ million companies. The Endpoint returns a person with a unique RelPro ID, Title Description, Start and End Dates and other relevant data points.

Profile API

After you grab a unique RelPro ID from the Search and Match API's, use the Profile API - Person & Company endpoints, to obtain the full RelPro profiles for People & Companies. The Person profiles return data including accurate contact details, employment history, etc. and Company Profiles return with address, website urls, industry codes and more.

Subscribe to Webhooks

Instead of pulling data on a cadence, keep your CRM or database clean with Webhooks. By subscribing to RelPro profiles using the unique RelPro ID you can have updates pushed to you whenever a Company or Person profile you subscribe to has changed.

Don’t compromise on your needs, get actionable data the way you want it!

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