CMO Outsources Lead Generation to RelPro Experts, Increasing Lead Quality & Volume, Enabling Team to Focus on Campaign & Downstream Process Improvements

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Customer Snapshot

Industry: Rapidly-Growing B2B SaaS BusinessPosition: CMO & Marketing OperationsTechnology: RelPro and Data Services

With plans for rapid expansion and new funds from investors, our client hired a new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) whose first priority was to establish a firm foundation for growth through a reconfigured marketing and sales process. In particular, the CMO wanted to make the sales team proactive and focus their time on pursuing leads qualified through outbound marketing campaigns rather than wait for leads to materialize through their website or spend time hunting for them.

As big plans always lead to big expectations, the CMO focused on performance and wanted to show early wins. These big plans also included expansion in international markets, so sourcing prospects from the EMEA and APAC regions was also important.


Our client turned to RelPro and asked us to perform as their outsourced lead generation team. RelPro’s best-in-class data on business decision-makers covered all the precise functional roles and geographic territories in our client’s targets, including the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific.

Our powerful Tech Search capability also identified companies using competing or complementary technologies to our client’s SaaS platform, to facilitate list segmentation and more targeted messaging. With the client’s demanding project parameters, we put our technical and human expertise to work.

We provided quality assurance (QA) and analytical reviews to ensure the leads matched our client’s stringent requirements. An initial keyword search yielded hundreds of potentially matching job titles, but our client only required 10 of these, within precise contextual and other defined parameters.

Within 3 weeks, we delivered highly-curated lists of 7,000 leads, through our valuable combination of quality data, global coverage of senior and mid-level managers, robust analytics and human expertise.


Where our client was originally sourcing approximately 200 new leads a week, RelPro’s Intelligence platform and Data Services solution delivered 7,000 potential leads, highly-curated to meet the client’s demanding profile, in the first 3 weeks.

Is our client satisfied? We think so. We’ve continued to serve as their outsourced lead generation team, completing 10 projects in the first 4 months. More projects are now underway!

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