Account – Based Outbound Marketing Program Achieves Target with First Campaign

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Customer Snapshot

Industry: Mobile Technology Security CompanyPosition: Enterprise Sales & Marketing TeamTechnology: RelPro Tech Search

Our client was preparing to launch a new technology product through their first major outbound marketing campaign. They needed a sales intelligence solution that would help them build a list of of prospective customers. The team had specific roles to target and they wanted a resource that would help them identify companies with specific software components in their tech stack. With the business development team structured to conduct account-based  selling, our client required robust prospect profiles and company news to keep business development managers up-to-date and focused on establishing relationships. Knowing how important it is for business development teams to do their homework and stay informed of developments within prospective companies, the Head of Enterprise Sales wanted a sales intelligence partner who could give them more than just a “lead” and would help them, over time, stay current with clients and prospects.


Opening doors to potential customers with infrastructure based on a specific technology was very important. We recommended that our client add Tech Search to their RelPro subscription to find companies using (in this case) Mobile Enterprise Management and Telephony solutions (2 of 100 categories available with RelPro Tech Search). The intelligence in these two Tech Search categories provided our client with the means to identify companies using selected competitive and complementary technologies.

To identify decision-makers at these targeted companies who would benefit most from their platform our client used RelPro’s Advanced Search capability which made it quick & easy to find executives across 3 segmented lists of companies. To identify leads even faster, the team set up and used a “Favourite Roles” filter in RelPro, containing all the roles and keywords that defined people in their exact target roles.

Our client also wanted to supplement their campaign list with prospects from companies generated from visits to trade shows and networking events. RelPro’s uploading service quickly and effortlessly integrated the companies from this list into their RelPro target accounts list, which was immediately available to access and utilize to connect directly with these executives.

As the campaign progressed, Sales and Account Managers put RelPro’s rich profiles, contact details and automated research to work to prepare for calls and meetings and to expand account – based sales initiatives.

We worked with this client to customize and shape their RelPro services exactly to their needs, as we do with all RelPro’s Team & Enterprise clients.


The client reports that their switch to outbound marketing has been a resounding success. They’ve achieved target on revenue and new accounts through this focused campaign with support from RelPro. The time saved by RelPro enables their Sales and Account Managers to pursue business development activities that matter most and directly impact their bottom line.

The team particularly liked the way that they could integrate lists from trade shows and networking events and quickly find the right people in the right roles to contact. Equipped with insights through our rich profiles and automated research, the team found they could quickly open doors at initial contact, and made better impressions with prospects by having done their homework. Having a view of the client’s full Tech Stack helped the team to better position their product and suggest more ways to incorporate it into the prospect’s mobile operations.

The client told us what we love to hear – the entire Sales and Business Development team is now using RelPro daily.

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