Web Platform

Save time with the RelPro web platform.

An integrated B2B Business Development solution covering 7 million and 150 million business decision-makers to help you find new prospects with accurate contact data, learn more about them and personalize your outreach.

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Identify New Leads

Find fresh new leads to build out your pipeline. Quickly connect with prospects using people and company searches. Curate targeted search results by filtering on job title, location, company industry, revenue, funding rounds, Diverse Business Enterprise certifications and more.

Target Companies

Our Advanced Search tool allows you to easily filter across more than 7 million companies, so you get the results you want and need for generating leads.

Generate Useful Lists

Create lists from your search results, including key decision-maker’s contact information, and then export directly to your CRM or into an Excel / CSV file.

Map Out Your Travels

Plan your business development trips more efficiently by mapping your online leads.

Find Private Company Funding Information

RelPro's premium data provides access to information from multiple partners, including funding and UCC/PPP, 7a and 504 loan data -- all in one convenient tab.

Commercial Real Estate Data

Find & Research Commercial Titles and Mortgages

With Commercial Real Estate data in RelPro, finding information on a company’s commercial properties and the associated owners / mortgages has never been easier.

To support the prospecting needs of Commercial and Business bankers we’ve integrated essential Commercial Title and Mortgage data including: Property Type, Lender, Loan Amount, Assessed Value, Execution and Maturity Dates. With this current and historical Real Estate data added to the Finance tab of Company Profiles, you can be better prepared for calls and meetings.

Buyer Intent Data

Uncover demand for your products and services

We’ve integrated Intent Data on 100+ Financial Services-related topics. Leverage this real-time intent data to identify companies who are in the market expressing interest right now for financial products and services that you can provide - these may be your warmest prospects! Combine these intent signals with data from RelPro’s multi-sourced database of 150 million business decision-makers and accurate contact data to connect with the Companies who need you!

Wealth Insights

Find & Research High-Net-Worth Business Executives

Use precise net-worth modeling estimates to research affluent business executives, identify wealth management and private banking client prospects and deepen client relationships. Wealth attributes integrated include net worth, assets, liquidity, philanthropic giving history and more.

Government Contract Data

Research Companies Awarded Government Contracts

RelPro’s Government Contract Data helps you identify and research companies that have been awarded government contracts. Gain valuable insights into government contract awards including award amounts, dates, government agency and project descriptions. In addition, you can view highly compensated officers and employees at those awarded companies.

Form 5500 Data

Find & Research Employee Benefit Plan Filings

With Form 5500 data in RelPro, you can access information on a company’s employee benefits plan, including number of participants, service provider information, current value of assets, liabilities, contributions and more. Create and save accurate contact lists of plan sponsors and administrators to find and qualify new business opportunities within your territory. Prepare for your meetings with detailed plan information from Forms 5500-SF and 5500 with the most up to date company filing.

Industry Research

More than just names and numbers. Strong relationships are built on personalized knowledge. With RelPro, you can enrich your lead funnel with industry intelligence, all while learning how the prospect fits into your business and how you fit into theirs.

Stand out Against Your Competition

RelPro integrates with leading industry research partners, Vertical IQ and IBISWorld, so you can identify online leads, research their industry, and prepare for calls all in one place. You'll stand out, be more prepared, and have more productive meetings.

Chrome Extension

Identify key decision-makers and their contact details direct from company websites. If you’re on a company website, quickly find executives’ contact information through our Chrome Extension. From company websites straight to contact information and target lists.

CRM Integration

Streamline your workflows to save you time and money. With our CRM integrations, you can validate and enrich your data. You'll also save time with integrated workflows when you’re generating leads.

Interactive Sync

Take your CRM integration a step further with interactive sync to update, match, and enrich existing account and contact information.

API Upload

With the RelPro API, you can load new sales lead information directly into your CRM ad-hoc or through a bulk upload.

Are you ready for a lead generation solution that integrates your data sources (and more) and saves you time?

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