Connecting to the C-Suite to Elevate Strategic Dialog & Support Monthly Product Launches

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Customer Snapshot

Industry: Global Fintech LeaderPosition: Chief Revenue Officer, CMO, Head of Sales, Marketing & Sales OperationsTechnology: RelPro and Data Services

Dramatic changes in the world’s financial markets post-2008 created opportunities for our client to launch new data-driven solutions for highly-specialized market players. However, to capitalize on this opportunity, four things needed to happen:

  1. A shift in strategy from product focus to solution selling
  2. Conversations elevated from current counterparts to senior-level managers with authority for high-value procurement
  3. Rapid new product launches in quick succession
  4. Establish new connections with customers in trading, risk and research roles, who our client had not previously contacted.

The data in our client’s CRM didn’t have information on these new customers contacts – in the C-Suite or in specialized roles. Without the capability or capacity to take this on internally, our client outsourced this project to RelPro for accelerated access to the relationship intelligence they needed.


We put our team of relationship intelligence experts with decades of Financial Services experience on this project. They skillfully and speedily built a practical toolkit of relationship data exactly to our client’s specifications.

We provided contact details on C-Suite executives at 400 targeted global financial institutions. Our team also put their expertise into developing multiple, highly-curated lists of specialized market practitioners at customer companies. The list of roles included derivative traders, risk specialists, compliance, information security and financial control professionals relevant to these new data solutions.

Our client’s target audience was very well defined, but many of the keywords within the target roles had the potential to deliver “False positives”. To eliminate contacts that didn’t belong in our client’s sales & marketing campaigns, we applied our deep Financial Services industry expertise through an additional layer of scrutiny to eliminate potential prospects who looked right but didn’t fully meet the criteria. We then worked with our client to deploy the list to the sales team through their CRM and Marketing Automation platforms.

It’s not always “what you know” but “who you know” that gains the attention of prospects in top management. To reveal valuable ways of connecting and building relationships with these prospects, we recommended incorporating a relationship-mapping solution to our client for this project. The relationship map helped guide the executive team as they made their action plans and resulted in “warm openings” instead of “cold calls”.


The lists – highly-refined for the C-Suite and specialized to the targeted financial market roles – enabled our clients to “elevate the conversation” and launch a new, successful data solutions business.

Our clients opened new, productive doors since they had the right targets and the right messages, turning contacts into advocates and resulting in new business.

Our client successfully and smoothly achieved their strategic shift and effectively transitioned to strategic account management, the wisdom of their vision underscored by their improved financial performance. This company is now recognized as an innovator and market leader in a competitive Fintech world.

We’re immensely proud of our contribution to their results:

  1. Maximized contact, with nearly 90+% deliverability for emails and telephone numbers
  2. Account management team fully networked into the relationship intelligence platform
  3. This year’s campaign calendar delivered within 6 months

We continue to support our client’s active new product launch schedule – more RelPro – based campaigns are in the works!

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