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Not All Data Is Created Equal

When considering B2B lead generation strategies, an important consideration is the coverage and the accuracy of the data you’re using. With RelPro, gone are the days of scrubbing lists and having multiple tabs open as you search through different sources for a good sales lead.

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Data Accuracy You Can Count On

There is no perfect single source of B2B lead generation data. That’s why we integrate data data from 20+ best-in-class partners and the web to deliver a unique global database of over 7 million Companies and 150 million business decision-makers. RelPro’s Relationship Intelligence solutions provide B2B Business Development, Relationship Management and Marketing professionals with the accurate contact information and valuable, actionable insights they need to develop prospects and strengthen existing relationships.

We Guarantee It

We’re confident in our one-of-a-kind lead generation software. So much so that we guarantee 90+% accuracy of names and email addresses updated within 12 months of the date you export the profile.

Reach Who You Want, How You Want

We provide unparalleled coverage and quality by integrating multiple best-in-class sources. Our broad and deep coverage includes:

  • Board, C-Suite and senior management positions in public and private companies from small and mid-sized companies with revenues as low as $1 million, to the top of the Fortune 500
  • Mid-level decision-makers (Business Heads, Team Leaders and Managers) across all functional areas including Finance, Human Resources, Legal, Technology, Risk & Compliance, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Project Management & Purchasing, Event Organizers, Philanthropy and Community Development
  • All private sector industry sectors, public sector organizations (except the Federal Government) and education institutions

More Than Just Names and Numbers

RelPro is more than a lead generation software. We automate prospect research activities, and we integrate with leading industry experts like IBISWorld and Vertical IQ. You’ll be able to identify online leads with ease, research their industry, and prepare for calls all in one place.

What is proprietary to RelPro that is truly unmatched is its ability to pull data from a variety of sources and become a one-stop-shop for professionals who are looking for market intelligence.

Skiander A - VP, Corporate Advisory/Investment Banking

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