High-Quality Relationship Intelligence Powers National Mid-Market Business Development Initiative to Achieve Growth Goals

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Customer Snapshot

Industry: Financial ServicesPosition: North American Commercial BankingTechnology: RelPro and Data Services

One of the world’s largest banks selected RelPro to source intelligence on Commercial Banking prospects and customers for a major new business development initiative aimed at nurturing deeper relationships with high-level financial decision-makers on their list of targeted mid-market firms.

This business segment – the mid-market – is notoriously opaque when it comes to prospecting senior executives. Accurate information is not always available, and it can be difficult to isolate the right decision-maker amid different titles, divisions and locations. People change roles frequently, so you really must be on your toes to stay up-to-date. In our experience, acquired from many years working with other clients targeting this sector, no single data source covers mid-market executives adequately.

Our client found out just how difficult this can be. In the first wave of the campaign (25% of their targeted companies), internal data from their CRM platform and externally-sourced data from their incumbent data provider contained complete name and contact details for targeted executives (CEO, CFO & Treasurer) at only 60% of the companies.


RelPro was initially deployed with Business Development Associates in 8 regional offices. Business development teams used RelPro to source intelligence and automated
research on companies and executives they were planning to meet. They also activated RelPro alerts to stay informed on the executives.

RelPro Alerts provided actionable insights (reasons to call) and valuable context for their next meetings with their. To power the associated digital marketing
campaign, our client asked RelPro to extend and improve the contact data for CEO, CFO and Treasury executives at the full list of 4,000 targeted mid-market companies.

The RelPro Customer Success team got right to work reviewing the client’s list against RelPro’s database of 150 million business decision-makers integrated from best-in-class sources. Once financial executives were identified for the 4,000 mid-market firms, our client’s Marketing team uploaded the executives and contact details into their campaign automation platform.


RelPro’s quality relationship intelligence integrated from multiple best-in-class sources proved to be more substantive and yielded better results, enabling our client to connect with more customers and prospects, and expand relationships with firms throughout their target list:

  • Our client was delighted! They exceeded their goals by 30%, opening new accounts and generating new revenue from existing customers
  • RelPro identified target executives to improve coverage from 60% to 99% of the client’s original company list, corrected or updated details for 25% of the original contacts and found 61% more executive leads with the targeted characteristics
  • The business development team has now incorporated RelPro into their daily workflow, finding it easy-to-use, grateful for the time it saves in background research and eager for the high-quality insight it provides to improve customer contact
  • Good news for us too! – the bank extended their use of RelPro to each Relationship Management team, increasing the RelPro user base within the Commercial Bank by 500% and they have since deployed RelPro to their Private Banking division who are targeting similar mid-market business executives

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