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Lauren Meyers is the Vice President of Partnerships and Customer Success at RelPro. She has spent 4 years advising clients in financial and professional services on how to best leverage RelPro for their business development and marketing initiatives.

6 Prospecting Mistakes and How to Avoid Making Them
October 12, 2022 | By: Lauren Meyers

The primary goal of your business development initiatives is to book more meetings with quality prospects. To do this effectively takes preparation, practice and a valuable message to offer your target audience. While the formula may sound simple, effective prospecting presents plenty of challenges.

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Marketing Events… The Day After
December 17, 2018 | By: Lauren Meyers

The event felt like a major success (and you are exhausted!). There were dozens of prospects that fitted neatly into your targeted groups. You may not have had the chance to talk to all of them, but you have a pocket full of business cards, and a ton of relevant touch points that will be incredibly useful in turning those prospects into clients.…

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7 Ways to Work Faster and Smarter During the Busiest Part of the Year
September 27, 2018 | By: Lauren Meyers

With Q3 closing fast, and the holidays in sight, RelPro is helping me close 2018 and jumpstart my 2019 sales numbers. It was one of those typical September days at work. As soon as Labor Day passed, the office was bustling with activity and I was juggling to close my Q3 sales…

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Keeping Up with your Total Addressable Market
July 19, 2018 | By: Lauren Meyers

Total Addressable Market analytics (aka TAM) enable business development and marketing professionals to size and prioritize business opportunities, and understand how to allocate valuable and scarce resources to markets that their company is …

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