7 Ways to Work Faster and Smarter During the Busiest Part of the Year

September 27, 2018 | By: Lauren Meyers

With Q3 closing fast, and the holidays in sight, RelPro is helping me close 2018 and jumpstart my 2019 sales numbers.

It was one of those typical September days at work. As soon as Labor Day passed, the office was bustling with activity and I was juggling to close my Q3 sales, provide updated forecasts for Q4 and 2019, and complete three other projects with looming deadlines. When my phone rang, I immediately noticed from the caller ID that it was one of my top prospects – a commercial banker that I had been trying to connect with for months. He had cancelled two previously-scheduled calls a few weeks earlier and, of course, he picks exactly the wrong moment to reach out now. Not only was I knee-deep in other client work, but I also hadn’t updated my research into him and his company since before our last scheduled call.

I answered the call and he immediately dove right into the matter at hand. He told me he was now in-between deals and so he had time to learn about how my product worked, how it could help him generate more deals, and how I’d be able to prove its worth.

I was ready to fire back my refined sales pitch, with all of the facts and figures to make the sale when he got another call and put me on hold. With this brief opportunity, I opened my RelPro account and quickly searched his name and company. An update informed me that his team had just been reorganized and that he was now leading new business generation. I realized that’s likely what led to the call.

After about a minute, the prospect came back on the line. Instead of heading straight into the sales pitch, I used my new nugget of knowledge to congratulate him on his new role, and ask him a few informed questions. How many in his new team? What verticals was he targeting? Any regional constraints? Empowered with new relevant insights, I refocused my pitch letting him know the advantages that RelPro can bring to his new team.

Those advantages include:

  1. Finding new target companies quickly with precise, granular filters
  2. Identifying the senior executives at these target companies, with accurate contact details
  3. Expediting the “getting to know you” process with automated prospect research
  4. Keeping tabs on prospects and clients with timely alerts
  5. Building marketing campaigns and guest lists for events
  6. Planning road trips to make best use of his time and travel budget
  7. Time-saving integrations with CRMs and one-click web browser integration through the Chrome extension

For my prospect in the commercial banking industry, these features resonated extremely strongly. I thought they would - several of my clients are the biggest banks in the world targeting small and midsize businesses (SMB’s). What started as pilot programs in their commercial banking units are now national deployments across multiple divisions. The outcomes they report from using RelPro are meaningful – landing meetings with new prospects, saving “at risk” clients by finding new contacts to speak with, and saving 15-20 minutes researching each new prospect. For business development and relationship management professionals with hundreds of prospects, those time savings really add up – and time is money! They also report RelPro’s use of multiple sources improves the coverage, quality and reliability of the B2B SMB data compared with using any single source. Using the Chrome extension, which enables the user viewing a web page to be one click away from RelPro’s premium sales intelligence, transformed RelPro from a convenient tool to one that users simply can’t work without.

My prospect was impressed with RelPro’s value and benefits as he spoke to their immediate Q4 needs in what he calls the “rocket ship time of the year.” He was referring to the fact that the close of the third quarter is approaching, the holiday season will disrupt the fourth quarter, and there are plans for next year to complete. He said it was time for his team to “put up or shut up.” He needed a sales intelligence platform that’s easy to deploy and integrate immediately to provide an instant boost to their business generation efforts. Luckily, eating our own cooking, RelPro armed me with the information to tailor my pitch specifically to what he needed, and I knew that RelPro would be the fuel that his rocket ship needed!

To learn more about RelPro sales intelligence, please reach out to our Customer Success team by email at support@relpro.com or by phone at (888) 561-7890.

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About the Author

Lauren Meyers is the Vice President of Partnerships and Customer Success at RelPro. She has spent many years advising clients in financial and professional services on how to best leverage RelPro for their business development and marketing initiatives.