Find Companies, Executives & Contact Details

Find and qualify prospects quicker using advanced filters, including role, location, industry and company size. Identify companies of interest and executives in key roles. RelPro integrates multiple best-in-class sources of executive biographies, contact details and company intelligence to deliver an experience that is more comprehensive and efficient to use than any other wealth intelligence platform.

Source Relationship Intelligence Quickly to prepare for Calls & Meetings

Automate prospect research by aggregating biographical and relevant web content from multiple search engines on target companies and executives. Customizable search topics in RelPro saves your team's precious time qualifying potential leads, and enables your interactions with a prospect to be more informed and productive. RelPro research surfaces common denominators and "small world" moments that can make your meeting memorable and helps build a firm foundation for a lasting relationship.

Keep in Touch with Clients & Prospects

Keep up-to-date with prospects and clients with RelPro Alerts – regular weekly emails that highlight new & relevant web content on people & companies you choose to "follow". RelPro Alerts provide a "call to action," highlight an "opportune moment" to call a prospect, and deliver valuable & timely context to keep in mind for your next meeting.

An Integrated Relationship Intelligence Solution

Export leads into your CRM (, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite), or generate CSV/PDF exports.

RelPro's Chrome Extension enables you to research a company, its decision-makers, their contact details, save to your CRM, and more without leaving your browser window.

RelPro Integration

RelPro’s Relationship Intelligence Enables Wealth Managers To Simultaneously Develop Current Client Relationships While Identifying and Developing New Prospects'

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