RelPro helps Nonprofit Development and Fundraising teams to identify target corporate sponsors & donors with actionable relationship intelligence, and stay engaged with them through Alerts that support timely engagement and informed relationship-building


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A Comprehensive Database of Business Executives

RelPro consolidates multiple best-in-class sources of business executive biographies, contact details and company intelligence to deliver an experience that is more comprehensive and efficient to use than any other donor intelligence platform targeting corporate executives.

Monitor Companies and Donors

RelPro Alerts keep you informed about your target Companies & Donors. The Alerts provide a "call to action", highlight an "opportune moment" to call a prospect or existing relationship, and deliver valuable & timely context to keep in mind for your next meeting. RelPro's automated research accelerates and improves screening of potential Corporate & Donor relationships.

Identify Connections to Leverage your Board's & Donors' Network

RelPro delivers accurate, relevant and rich relationship intelligence insights including corporate and other affiliations of your Board and major donors. See how their network can connect you to corporate sponsors, influencers, or to other donors.

An Integrated Donor Targeting & Intelligence Solution

Export leads into your CRM (, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite), or generate CSV/PDF exports.

RelPro's Chrome Extension enables you to research a company, its decision-makers, their contact details, save to your CRM, and more without leaving your browser window.

RelPro Integration

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