Data from best-in-class sources.

RelPro aggregates contact details and relationship intelligence for over 150 million decision-makers from best-in-class sources so that you can easily and accurately find real-time leads, develop prospects and strengthen existing relationships. Sources include BoardEx, D&B, ZoomInfo and HG Data combined with timely news and social media content.

best in class contact data sources

Fast information for actionable insights.

detailed profiles for people and companies

Detailed Profiles for People & Companies

RelPro provides detailed profiles that include career history, educational background, professional history, awards, industry associations and memberships combined with relationship intelligence from news, social media and other relevant online content.

Customizing and Tailoring Content

Create your own custom web search topics and keywords to view tailored content for people or companies that you are interested in. RelPro’s simple user interface allows you to easily review the content and create a customized profile page containing just the information that matters.

email alerts

Email Alerts

RelPro's Profile Following and Email Alert functionality keeps you up-to-date on everything newsworthy involving the people and companies you are interested in. Weekly alerts will be delivered to your inbox based on your customized search topics for all the profiles you are following.

filter contacts by technolog usage

Technology Search Filter

RelPro’s advanced Technology Search Filter allows you to find companies that use a particular technology or software component in their technology stack. Technologies that can be searched include:

• cloud services
• communications technologies
• customer relationship management
• data centre solutions
• enterprise applications
• enterprise content
• hardware
• IT governance
• marketing performance management
• network computing
• productivity solutions
• project management
• software
• vertical markets
• web-oriented architecture.

Check out the vendors, products and technology categories covered in the Tech Search database by visiting our
data coverage page.

relationship conectivity alalytics

Relationship Connectivity Analytics

To provide a powerful relationship mapping advantage, RelPro can also provide connectivity analytics (“who knows who”) and job change alerts.

Intuitive to use.

RelPro is easy to customize and requires no special setup or software. You’ll be up and running in minutes—and finding more leads, connections and new relationships than you ever thought possible. Plus you’ll have easy access to your saved lists and the profiles you’re following.

Share and export profiles.

To maximize the cost efficiency of RelPro data insights, you can share and export profiles. RelPro data can be exported to Salesforce or into CRM systems as CSV or PDF files. You can also share your curated profile pages with other RelPro users or create read-only versions for those without a RelPro account.

share and export contact profiles

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