How can I learn more about RelPro?

Contact us for further information, the RelPro team is happy to help.

What if I have a custom request?

Our team of seasoned industry professionals are available to help address your specific relationship intelligence needs. We can provide custom research, data cleansing and various tailored data management needs.

Can I trial RelPro?

Yes! We offer a free 7 day trial of our individual and team plans.

How are the solutions priced?

The platform is competitively priced on a per-seat license basis. We offer packages that contain enough licenses for individuals and small teams. We also offer enterprise licenses that are customized based on your specific organizational needs. Contact us for more information.

Do I have to use my own data?

No – you can use the RelPro to gather and manage relationship intelligence on leads, prospects and customers. For the most benefit, however, we suggest you integrate it with your own data for ultimate relationship intelligence.

Where does the data come from?

Our solutions combine your own contact and CRM data with trusted external sources. Data providers include BoardEx, D&B and ZoomInfo. We also search the Web automatically and systematically, incorporating news and social media insights for a comprehensive relationship picture.

How can they benefit me?

Finding connections and building relationships can be hard. We identify the fastest path to a connection and provide relevant intelligence to accelerate your business development. You can:

  • Save time with streamlined CRM research, without wasting time on manual data entry or searching.
  • Grow your most strategic accounts with context from trusted external sources.
  • See new, and previously hidden, connections.
  • Prepare quickly and easily for sales calls and meetings, systematically.
  • Automate the gathering and sharing of relationship intelligence across your organization

What do your solutions provide?

Our solutions enable customers to have immediate context, advanced profiling and actionable insights to increase productivity and the depth of your relationships. Our solutions are available via a cloud-based platform, as well as our data services.

What is relationship intelligence?

Relationship intelligence is actionable insight on your individual and company customers and prospects. This is created by combining data, analytics, and collaboration capabilities to help you get the most from your CRM and contact data. Armed with relationship intelligence, you will spend less time manually researching relationships and inputting data – and more time closing deals.

Who is Relationship Capital Partners?

Relationship Capital Partners is a relationship intelligence and a Software as a Service (SaaS) company. Founded in 2009 with a single mission – to help businesses benefit from their relationships, quickly and systematically. We help you get more from your CRM data and find the fastest path to meaningful relationships. Our SaaS platform, RelPro, and our Relationship Intelligence solutions, offer many relationship management benefits that CRM platforms alone do not provide. We partner with trusted third party data sources and social media, applying advanced data analytics to give you a comprehensive view of both your internal and external relationships. We source and integrate external intelligence to enrich your internal connections-based data, providing advanced analytics to enable collaboration across your team or organization for a competitive and operational advantage.

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