RelPro Data Services help you get more from your own relationship and CRM data – and trusted external content – to get the most from your global accounts, marketing and business development. Prioritize relationships to target, uncover new connections and clean your data for maximum effectiveness.

Whatever your relationship intelligence and CRM data questions, we can help you address them and meet your business needs. You provide your data and your questions, and we will do the rest.
Contact us with your specific needs.

How It Works

upload relationship data

You upload your data...

You upload your data—from your CRM, Outlook or any file of contacts.

screen relationship intelligence

...we screen your data...

We clean your data and combine it with the best external data sources to fill in gaps and provide deep context.

provide relationship intelligence

...and provide relationship intelligence.

We apply intelligent analytics to show you where to focus your efforts

relationship intelligence

The result

Clear, actionable insight to close deals faster. Learn more about how we can help you.

Address Your Specific Needs.

These are just some of the questions we have helped customers address with custom intelligence.

Sales Operations

  • How can I easily update my CRM contacts to determine “where are they now” and provide updated contact information?
  • How can I quickly get an integrated view of contacts across my organization even though the data is fragmented across multiple CRM platforms and Outlook?
  • How can we leverage best practices to be more efficient and reduce the resources required to prepare for meetings or calls with targeted executives?

Enterprise Relationship Management

  • Help me assess my targeted accounts — where do we have deepest relationships, and where are our “blind spots” – by company, industry sector and targeted functional role?
  • Where we have inadequate relationship coverage, how can we leverage our contacts to establish and build relationships with targeted executives?
  • Where can the relationships of our most experienced coverage officers help newer account managers get more traction with their accounts?
  • Where can our strongest relationships provide referrals or connections to help build our relationships?


  • Which prospects in this long list of leads should my team be focusing on (based on their role, their affiliations, their interests)?
  • What are the recurring affiliations or interests among this group of prospects, so I can better target my marketing programs?
  • Which of our clients and prospects have interests that align with our sponsorship program?
  • Which attendees at an upcoming event should we be targeting for one-on-one meetings with our executive team?
  • Which of my customer’s executives should I target for my new loyalty program?

Global Account Management

  • Who are the executives in key functional roles at my targeted global accounts?
  • How can I contact them?
  • Who am I (or my colleagues) already connected to? How are we connected?
  • What do these executives share in common? How should I approach them most effectively?
  • I have a critical strategy meeting with my customer’s management team – can you help me prepare so I don’t have to do hours of research?

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