What makes a Salesperson Memorable?

For salespeople, the saying, “first impressions are the most important” is especially true. Sales are about that initial connection, the human element, and demonstrating an understanding of your customers' needs. It is “being memorable,” but in the right way.

Be Personable; Introduce the Human Element

Whether you are calling on a prospect, meeting at an event, or revisiting a valuable client, an effective salesperson will prize any news or information on their customers and prospects. He or she will plan how to use that information to strengthen the customer bond. That relationship intelligence is critical in strategizing and strengthening a positive impression. It reflects your willingness to go the extra mile to be knowledgeable about your client, their business and needs. You relate on a personal level and solidify the connection.

Sometimes, it is a conversation without selling. You may be checking in to see if business is good, or to say congratulations on a recent product launch. A favored strategy of successful salespeople is opening the conversation with a mutual topic of interest – sports is a natural starter for many. Alternatively, it could be a vacation spot, or their company’s success last quarter. That common thread will make the difference if your customer has to choose between two competing suppliers. The personal relationship you built will influence their final decision. Are you the partner that is well-informed, with insightful perspectives and knowledge? Will you serve their best interest in the future?

But the sales process is more than a friendly opening line. It is learning as much as possible about the organization and the individual as possible. In a sales call, your prospect expects that you already have some awareness of the company and their circumstances. Leading salespeople prepare for calls with RelPro’s automated Relationship Research to walk into a meeting with integrated, timely insights. Gathering reliable business intelligence establishes the impression of a person who prepares and cares about the exchange.

The Risks of Being Memorable

It’s important to be careful though, because being “memorable” doesn’t always lead to a successful relationship. Sure, you may notice people at large conferences, walking around with flashing badges or performing juggling acts (we’ve seen that!) to attract attention. They know their actions will catch your eye, and if they start a conversation with you, chances are you’ll always remember who that person was. Making yourself memorable requires astuteness in how to use that attention you’ve drawn, and if you’re not ready to follow up on an attention-grabbing gimmick with substance, you’re more than likely to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Personalize Communications

Leveraging engaging communications, best-in-class intelligence, and a personal touch across all business development touch-points – in-person sales meetings, phone calls, emails or industry events – also works to create a positive, memorable first impression. If the first email you send to prospects or clients has the wrong name or is clearly a mass mailing format, your chances for a response are minimal. Instead, if you personalize the email with a reference to a previous conversation, a presentation by that person or a recent industry announcement the chances of the email being opened are higher.

Does your website use a Live Chat feature? If so, even then, there are opportunities for memorable encounters through the style and personalization of your interactions – confirming your name, asking them a relevant question back, and asking if there is anything else they need. We’ve had visitors to our Live Chat site shout out in delight (or LOL) when they’ve found that they are “speaking” with a real life professional from our Customer Success team.

Relationship Intelligence and Conversational Style

Your opening line is designed to put everyone at ease. It drives the conversation to the next step.

If you just met the person and are not familiar with their firm or their interests, use a story about yourself to break the ice. Perhaps mention a recent road trip, and then ask about their most memorable travels. You make a memorable impression (being welcoming and showing interest in them) and can then steer the conversation toward business.

Well-crafted opening lines invite further engagement. Reviewing information about prospects and clients fuels individualized strategies for gaining and continuing positive attention. When you have and take the time to prepare, RelPro relationship intelligence and Alerts provide reliable and automatic updates to ensure that you will never be at a loss for what to say once you have a client’s or prospect’s attention. You will be positively memorable.

About RelPro

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