RelPro has been ranked as one of the easiest Sales Intelligence Software to do business with

Find quality leads in seconds.

RelPro empowers sales and marketing teams to quickly and easily find accurate, real-time prospects. Powerful search functionality can be customized so that only relevant results are returned, saving time and effort.

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RelPro makes it easy to find quality leads quickly
agregate crm contacts

RelPro aggregates contact details for over 150 million decision-makers from best-in-class sources.

Relationship intelligence to deepen your client understanding.

RelPro enriches your CRM data with premium external data from leading international sources, relevant timely news and social media content. It’s the speed, quality and depth of RelPro’s data insights that empowers B2B Sales and Relationship Managers to efficiently identify connections, deepen their understanding and strengthen relationships.

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Relpro gives you relationship intelligence to deepen client understanding
pre meeting research

RelPro’s detailed profiles enable you to prepare for meetings in minutes.

How it works.

RelPro provides a target’s contact details, digital resume and relevant news articles. Customized weekly alerts are delivered to your inbox to keep you up to speed even when you aren't logged in. The insights gathered from RelPro give you the edge to successfully build new connections and strengthen existing relationships.

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RelPro provides a target’s contact details, digital resume and relevant news articles.

Find prospects by their technology usage.

Do your sales prospects all use a specific type of software or technology? RelPro’s Tech Search Filter lets you search for people and companies by the components of their technology stack.

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Geoff Massam

President & COO

"RelPro gives us a real advantage in researching prospective clients – it’s an efficient and insightful source of client data and relationship intelligence. Our entire sales team now uses RelPro and we all agree it’s the best prospecting and lead generation tool out there."

Ellen Fine Levine

Executive Client Officer

Ellen Fine Levine

“Working with experienced and innovative solution providers such as RelPro enables us to systematically leverage DTCC's client-related data to continue to drive engagement and identify new business development opportunities.”

Martin Whittaker

Chief Executive Officer

Martin Whittaker

“RelPro solutions enable us to quickly discover and leverage our Board’s connections - helping us achieve our mission to create a more JUST economy.”

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