This is a post about : What’s New With Relationship Prospector ®

We just released Version 1.3.8 of Relationship Prospector® (our Prospect Research Software), which massively improves the way you search for people and companies. Our Insight Engine provides more information about your prospects including news, social media, job changes, personal interests and more. Our profile pages have been improved and now you can download contact information as a vCard and add it into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. With over 20 new features, here’s a quick overview:

A New URL –

Relationship Prospector ® has a new URL, an improved look and feel and a streamlined logon process.

The New Website

A New Home Page

Our new home page displays your recent activity including the last five profiles and web pages you’ve viewed.

Instant Search

Our new type-ahead Instant Search feature provides a quick, convenient way to search for people or companies.

  • No need to fill out several search boxes anymore, just type a person or a company name into the new search box on top of the page.
  • See matching people or companies as you type.
  • Go straight to a person or company profile with one click.
  • And if you can’t find the person or company in the drop down list, press enter or click the search button to see more results.

Advanced Search

Can’t find the right person to prospect because you don’t know their name? Need to pinpoint a company by location?

Use the Advanced Search feature and search by:

  • Job title and company to find people at the company who match your criteria. This is a great way to generate leads.
  • Company name, city, state to narrow the results to a specific geographical region.
  • Use a Dun & Bradstreet DUNS ® if you know it.
  • Search by a domain name to find the company behind the web address.

People and Company Profile Improvements

  • We’ve added a “Role Description” attribute to the people profiles (when available), which describes the person’s job responsibilities.
  • We’ve added coverage for Canadian companies and people.
  • Improved formatting of email and phone numbers.
  • You can now download a vCard of the person’s contact information (Google Chrome and Firefox browsers only).

Insight Engine

We’ve made the Insight Engine easier to use and improved it’s ability to quickly find web pages about a person or company

  • We now show images for the search results, when available.
  • New Relcapp search topics have been added and existing ones have been improved. New topics include news, job changes, and personal interests.

We’ve made configuring search topics easier to do:

  • A new interface to specify the keywords for your search topic.
  • Our new Exclude keyword feature prevents web pages from appearing if those keywords appear within the content.
  • You can also target specific websites using the Include button or use the Exclude button to remove entire websites from your search topic.

We’ve improved the search algorithms:

  • A new proximity feature looks for web pages that have the person name or company name closer to the keywords you’re interested in.
  • You can also incorporate all current jobs associated to a person instead of the most recent one.
  • You can now see web pages related to a person’s past companies. This new feature is helpful when looking at people who have changed jobs recently.
  • Our scoring algorithm has been improved.

Last but not least, we have made many bug fixes to the application.

So go login and check out the new features. If you haven’t signed up for Relationship Prospector® yet, go and request a demo.

Thanks again,

The Relationship Prospector® team