This is a post about : Only Have a Minute For Sales Prospect Research? This LinkedIn Alternative May Be All You Need!

How often have you been in one of these situations; boss comes in and says, “We just landed an introductory meeting with Company XYZ, we need to get prepared!” or “I’m assigning this lead to you – we need you to contact them, tell them all about us, and get a follow up meeting”?

We all know that preparation is key to a successful sales meeting. However if you’re like me, your schedule doesn’t provide a lot of time for preparation. So what do you do?

Most people say “I’ll look them up on LinkedIn!”.

While LinkedIn can be the answer for quick information there are many times where it’s not enough. If you read my first blog post, “Why Prospect Research Needs to Change!” you are aware of the issues and difficulties of using LinkedIn and a quick Google search as your only sources of sales prospect research.

Now, what if I told you there’s an alternative to LinkedIn that can provide you with a “digital resume” plus contact details and insightful web research within a minute. Would that interest you?

RelPro® is our cloud-based prospect research software that makes preparing for sales calls and meetings quicker, easier and more systematic.

Relationship Prospector draws information from multiple sources providing names of company executives, their contact details, background information (employment history, affiliations, education and achievements), news, social media and other web content which makes it a great alternative to LinkedIn.

Research Category LinkedIn RelPro
View Job History X X
Find Your Sales Prospect In the News X X
Find Contact Details X
Find Your Sales Prospect on Social Media Sites X
Find Search Results That Match Your Sales Prospects to Your Product Offering X

Within a minute, Relationship Prospector helps you determine if the person you’re meeting with is:

  • a key figure within their company
  • involved with industry groups or associations
  • mentioned in the news (find out what they’re saying)
  • building an online digital presence (are they on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn?)

With a minute, you’ll have information that gives you an edge and provides confidence before walking into the meeting… and intelligence that will help you build deeper relationships and meet your sales goals quicker.

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