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There’s no shortage of information in the business world today. As we discussed in our January post, clients now start the sales process better informed than ever before. More clients now engage with sales representatives only after the purchase decision is made. As we look at the changing B2B sales landscape, we believe the astute use of intelligence becomes a key advantage to improve relationships with prospects and clients.
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The Secrets of Top Performing Sales Teams

The RAIN Group, a global sales consulting firm, identified what top performing sales teams do differently to achieve superior results. Mike Schultz, co-president, outlined these winning behaviors in a post on

According to the RAIN Group research, sales winners do a better job of:

1. Uncovering client needs
2. Crafting compelling solutions
3. Connecting personally with clients and listening to them
4. Establishing trust
5. Making the case for ROI
6. Collaborating with buyers and educating them on new ideas and perspectives

All in, the sellers who win do three things: they connect, convince, and collaborate. Is this all simply relationship and solution sales? No. But they’re certainly still among the main ingredients” Schultz stated.

The New B2B Sales Imperative

The CEB has also looked at the determinants of success in the new B2B sales landscape and shares its perspective in this article in the March issue of the Harvard Business Review.

According to the CEB, B2B buyers are stressed by:

  • An overload of information on every solution under consideration
  • Difficulties encountered when managing a widening number of stakeholders with diverging personal and organizational priorities
  • An ever-expanding array of solutions options, requiring more time to evaluation

As a result, the CEB estimates that a typical solution purchase now takes 2x as long as clients plan.

How Should Sales People Respond to Succeed in This Changing Landscape?

The CEB says the key is to make buying easier for clients but suggests that sales people to switch from a responsive approach to a prescriptive approach:

Stop – Responsive Approach Start – Prescriptive Approach
  • Giving clients more & more information
  • Responding flexibly to client’s direction
  • Helping clients consider all possible alternatives
  • Striving to be more responsive than ever
  • Working deeply to understand the client’s purchasing journey
  • Identifying the client’s most significant challenge at each buying stage
  • Providing the right tools to the sales team to overcome each challenge
  • Giving clients a clear recommendation for action, backed by a specific rationale
  • Tracing the client’s progress and being prepared to intervene to keep progress on track

Prescriptive efforts must meet 3 requirements, according to the CEB:

1. They must be unbiased and credible
2. They must reduce indecision and compel action
3. They should facilitate progress along the purchase path, leading to a solution that you are uniquely able to provide, but without explicitly promoting your solution

CEB research shows that clients who purchased solutions via the prescriptive method reported an 86% increase in purchasing ease and a 37% reduction in purchase regret.

Trust is the Bedrock of Client Relationships

Achieving sales success through the approaches described by the RAIN Group and the CEB is impossible unless you have the client’s trust and they view you and your team as well-informed authorities in your field. Having the right information and business intelligence to put to work is key to building trust and establishing the bedrock for productive relationships with your clients.

RelPro is Your Information Partner for the New B2B Sales Landscape

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Insight from RelPro’s trusted sources helps you:

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