This is a post about : Best Practice in Customer Success

RelPro Customer Success TeamOne of the most important lessons in sales I have learned over the years is that once a sale is complete, it’s still not finished and that’s where the Customer Success Team comes in. Here at RelPro when the sale is done, our Success Team’s job is to make sure our clients are getting the most value out of the RelPro Platform. From teaching customers “best practices” to answering questions to training new users, the Customer Success Team becomes the face of the company in the post-sale stage.

We have achieved a mid-90’s % retention rate due to our professionalism, responsiveness and our flexibility in working with our clients. Having a Customer Success Team that has the knowledge of varied industries as well as an understanding of how the sales, marketing, and other teams within those companies work, has led to customer satisfaction along with growth within current clients.

Remember, just because a contract is signed, the “I’s” are dotted and the “t’s” are crossed, doesn’t mean the work is done. Now it’s time to deliver on all the expectations promised!

Since I always offer “Best Practices” to my clients, here are some “Best Practices” that I recommend for fellow Customer Success Professionals:

  • Let your customers know that they ALWAYS have support – pre-sales as well as post-sales.
  • Include regular “best practices” training options for your clients.
  • Have a customer success team with diverse knowledge of different industries.
  • Don’t just be an expert on the workflow of the functional department your directly work with, but also with other departments that your clients regularly get involved with. E.g., if you directly work with Sales, have a deeper understanding how their workflow integrates with Marketing’s workflow.
  • Be responsive and flexible. Even if you may not know an answer to their question immediately, let them know you are working on figuring out the solution.