Lance Rosenthal

About the Author

Lance runs the Customer Success Team at RelPro, Inc. On a daily basis he is helping clients with the full range of RelPro’s SaaS and Relationship Data Analytics services. Four years and over 1,000 projects later, he has worked with sales, marketing, business development and account management teams at companies across many industries and executives at all levels.

Why is Everyone Talking About Personalizing your B2B Sales & Marketing Outreach?

Every recommendation or “tip” that you might read these days about B2B sales and marketing is likely to include a reference to ‘personalization’. So why’s it so important to customize emails, phone calls and meeting agendas? It’s a simple question, yet most individuals in B2B sales, marketing and account management roles have yet to answer … read more

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Is Your Sales Message Being Delivered Properly? – The Art of Storytelling

I just attended the TOPO Sales Summit in San Francisco, where I was able to network with companies from across the country and speak with business leaders about their views on trends in sales processes, roles and technology.  There were vendors and data providers targeting and pitching us throughout the event. I listened to more and … read more

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