This is a post about : New Product Enhancements Connect Users to the Tools They Use Most Often in Sales & Marketing Intelligence

RelPro believes in the power of Integrated Relationship Intelligence, as demonstrated by our unrivalled coverage of business decision-makers across the globe. We also believe in the power of partnering with our clients to innovate. So when clients suggest innovations to save them time, grow revenues faster, or make their business development initiatives more successful, we make them happen.

With our latest enhancements to RelPro, users save time by connecting RelPro with other platforms they use every day including their CRM, LinkedIn, and the websites of companies they are researching. RelPro users are also now able to move seamlessly between RelPro and powerful relationship mapping (“who knows who”) intelligence from our partners and friends at BoardEx and DotAlign.

These enhancements streamline workflow, save time, improve your productivity, and enrich insight.

In one click, it’s now possible for RelPro users to quickly:

  • Export data from a RelPro profile to Salesforce CRM
  • Sync RelPro company and contact data with NetSuite CRM through innovative Glue42 architecture
  • Jump from LinkedIn to RelPro to find contact details and additional relationship intelligence, and set RelPro alerts on people and companies of interest
  • Open RelPro directly from the website of a company you are researching to learn more about the company and find targeted decision-makers
  • Link from RelPro to BoardEx to find connections through powerful relationship mapping
  • Discover colleagues who know a prospect, and all colleagues who know people at a company, through integration with DotAlign

RelPro’s people profiles, in person and company view, now have a button that takes the user in one click to the person’s LinkedIn profile … integrating your workflow with no re-keying of names and search terms … and saving your precious time.

RelPro clients have access to these enhancements immediately. If you haven’t already discovered RelPro’s valuable Integrated Relationship Intelligence, take advantage of our no-obligation free trial to see how the power of RelPro delivers tangible benefits to your sales and marketing intelligence and your ABM program. Sign up here or click on the orange button on the top right of this screen.